A Beautiful Village

Humanity, we are all part of it.
– – – Every size shape color orientation age ability belief practice talent politic opinion intellect nationality race sex – – –

We just are.
Thus we must live, let live and respect.
Most of all let’s just groove.

Detroit – One Nation Under A Groove – 2019

Detroit friggin rocks!

Lifting us all up

This is a wonderful video of someone sharing their own story about the experience of being there at the Stonewall uprising.

Fearsome highly recommends everyone clicking play.

Jay, Thank You for sharing your story and for walking the path leading us all to better and lifting us as a community. You are an inspiration.

All are welcome here

I live only about 15 miles from the San Ysidro port of entry from Mexico into the U.S. I can actually see the hills of Tijuana from the window of my bedroom.

San Ysidro is said to be the busiest U.S. border crossing. This international connection between two North American countries enriches our lives greatly here in San Diego. Culturally and economically both San Diego and Tijuana, as well as both countries, prosper from our connection and relationship.

Migration through this port of entry is yet another benefit to all of us living and working in this region. Immigration is simply the backbone of the birth and growth of the United States. Cities like San Diego and Tijuana function in unison each benefitting the other. Immigrants support these regions and beyond into the heartland of our country.

All are welcome. Bring with you your culture. Bring with you your strong work ethic. Bring with you your desire for a better life. Bring with you your desire to belong. Bring with you your language, character, love and laughter.

I want you here with us. I am not the only one.


When I sit at home alone I feel powerless.

When I focus only on myself I am powerless.

When I worry I reinforce being powerless.

When I give I find purpose.

When I get involved I gain power.

When I work for others outside myself I have power.

I have the power to change things for others, myself and my world for the better.

The only way to better my community, my country and my world is to act, to care and to share.

I have abilities. I have talents. I have knowledge. It’s my duty to use these assets to help my community and everyone in it for betterment. By helping out, I help not only the world at large, I help myself as well.

Be strong. Stand up. Give. Share. Love. Help. Work.

The gift of community


The best way to support the community you live in is to get out in it and spend your hard earned money right there where you live. Those small store fronts which are the livelihood of many of your community’s members are what makes yor community unique. They make it the place you call home.

I know you are now thinking “What the “F” are you saying Fearsome? You just posted a pic of yourself in front of Home Depot on Black Friday.”

Around here we do get out early on Black Friday as a tradition and hit Home Depot. I give poinsettias to many of my immediate neighbors each year. The poinsettias are always big beautiful 6″ ones that are locally grown right here in San Diego at 99 cents each. We usually will pick up a few other tools or seasonal items as well.

We are kicking off the season the way we always do by getting out in it, spending a buck or two and sharing some smiles.

The Christmas tree is already in the living room and will be decorated this weekend. It is a natural Noble Fir from the local nursery just a few blocks away. Our chosen family Christmas theme this year is “Coming Home” and all gifts are to come from local community small businesses.


We live in a global community made up of small communities. Some of life’s conveniences and necessities will come from big worldly distributors. Many others can and will come from small store fronts of our community. Today is the day to get into our communities and discover just how much we have right here where we live.

Our local business district

Our local business district