Fast Car

Thirty three years ago today Tracy Chapman released this simple yet complex tune. In 4 minutes it tells the story of a lifetime and reveals the life changes of choices combined with actions.

It truly is a work of art that came during a seemingly simple yet very complex part of my life where some decisions combined with actions not only changed my life toward the better, but most likely saved it.

Thank you Tracy for sharing this with us. It is an important tune in my life’s soundtrack.  My heart fills with joy and my being with serenity every time I hear it.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car- April 6, 1988

If you find this blog post and find that you are currently in an abusive or violent relationship and feel you are trapped there is no safe way out, I am here to tell you that from my own experience there is, even when it doesn’t seem like it. There is a safe way out and it may save your life. Tell someone, ask for help, make choices and act. Action is your lifeline but do it discreetly. Be careful and aware of your safety. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 800.799.SAFE (7233) or online at


La Vie En Rose

Majestic Beauty

La Vie En Rose – Grace Jones – 1977

From Wikipedia: -The song’s title can be translated as “Life in happy hues”, “Life seen through happy lenses”, or “Life in rosy hues”; its literal meaning is “Life in Pink.”-

No matter the circumstance or challenge, we are always blessed with a choice of how we each view and interpret that very moment. Choose wisely.

The Choice

I am exhausted.

I pause to take a good look into the mirror and examine why.

Why have a stopped reading my blogs? I read only the news these days.

Why am I usually feeling angst, anger, frustration and fear? I read only the news these days.

Why am I tired and distracted? I read only the news these days.

Why have I started feeling defeated and depressed? I read only the news these days.

Why do I only read the news these days? Because I’ve allowed the fear and alarm that is being spewed every single moment to enter into my psyche and alter my thoughts, dreams and values.

I have a choice. I can choose to continue down the slope I’m on and into a bad spiral, or I can choose to make another choice.

This morning for the first morning in recent memory, I chose to start my day by starting a book I’ve been wanting to read. I got my coffee, spinach smoothie and plain oatmeal and read as I consumed my daily breakfast.  By no coincidence the book I started today is appropriately named The Choice  by Dr. Edith Eva Egar.

My day started better. I read, I thought and I felt better. I blog to share, but I also blog to reinforce. Reinforce, inside of me, the better choice I just made.

I am better equipped to help myself, my family, my friends, my community, my country and my world if I put my oxygen mask on first. My oxygen is positivity and the good that still really does surround me. Through that I can find light.

Wrote My Way Out

In life we have a choice.

1) Sit around, bitch and blame others.

2) Pick ourselves up and do something.

Hamilton – “Wrote My Way Out” ( Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc )

You? You get to choose.

Best day of my life

Yesterday sucked.

Yesterday sucked ’cause I made a mistake. My mistake was I didn’t count my blessings. I couldn’t see the forest for the damn trees.

Today will be different. It starts with choice. It starts with attitude. It starts with perspective. I get to choose my perspective and my attitude.

Today I choose to see the forest. May your day be the best as well.

Change is in the air

I returned to San Diego safe and sound about 3 hours late on Friday. Unlike the week before, this time I luckily missed the incoming Chicago snowstorm only to be prevented from landing in San Diego due to heavy rains and wind. After circling above in a holding pattern and one aborted landing attempt we were taken to Ontario just east of Los Angeles to sit on a tarmac while we got more fuel and waited out the storm. Our SoCal winter weather was finally here.

Upon arriving home I noticed that our deciduous trees had finallly started to change. While many trees here are evergreen, we have some deciduous trees that drop their leaves in the fall. Some even have bright color shows indicating the change of seasons. Like many areas these trees always shed their foliage in October, sometimes November.

We have six such trees in our yard. The coral tree is finally half barren with no color changes just dropped leaves. The crepe myrtle is abalze in bright red/orange/yellow hues which it typically shows off in early November, this year it has saved the show for Christmastime. The euphorbia cotinifolias are all four still content with their fully foliage selves not yet dropping a leaf, yet by now should be completely barren as I usually decorate them for Christmas by wrapping lights on their branches.

It’s strikingly odd. It’s also a bit disturbing.

We have not only had the hottest summers ever in my living here for more than a quarter century, but also the longest. We turned the furnace on for the first time this weekend having run air conditioning almost continuously since May. We used to only ever use AC for about 3 weeks around Labor Day.

So why a subject so shallow as the weather on this typically deep, enlightening and life changing discussion blog?


This post isn’t about delayed travel or the obvious changes in our climate. It isn’t about the obvious effects of everything that happens on the earth, such as over consumption of fossil fuels, each action sending its wave of effect accumulating into great modifications of the environment from which we evolved and depend.

This post is about reactions to change.  It is about contemplating reactions, acceptance, choices and actions to interruptions or modifications of the expected.

Do I get upset that my travel plans are changed, delayed, interrupted and become enraged and stressed? Or do I accept, go with the flow and take the opportunity to simply be in the moment making the best out of the unexpected?

Do I react in fear about greater changes in climate possibly modifying life as we know it by bitching about it yet sitting idly by making no changes in my personal habits? Or do I accept it is happening and make better choices for my consumption such as purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle, voting appropriately, buying the carbon offset credits with my airline ticket, changing my thermostat, installing solar and even saying no to beef choosing a vegetarian meal instead?