Challenge day 1

Todays read: forward 1, forward 2, forward three then on through page 31 stopping at section 10.

I haven’t read a Stephen King novel in years but I remember his captivating language of description that always held my attention. He literally paints a picture with words. His style is evident here. The pages fly under my fingertips as the images the words create fill my head.

First and foremost in forward one is the word language.

Page 18 encourages me as he believes writers are formed rather than made. Entry 1, also on page 18, instills in me the muse of imagination. Entry 2 at page 20 stresses humor. Entry 8 on page 29 reminds me to recognize and accept encouragement. Page 30 under entry 9 allows me to take the same inspiration and use it over and over by expanding it in a different direction each time creating new elements of interest.

There I did it. I started my journey, however brief or small it is a big step forward for me, even if it’s just one step. Thank you for coming along with me.

Personal challenge

When I started this here Fearsome Beard blog thingy, I didn’t really have any direction for it. I hadn’t set a goal nor even visualized a dream. I was simply inspired by Dr. Spo, Sean, Erik and The Warrior Queen. I wanted to become more of a part of their community. I also wanted to maybe get to know myself a bit better by occasionally recording a thought, contemplation or feeling.

Fearsome became my muse. My beard had become very much a part of who I was. I decided that naming him and making the blog “ours” would allow me to express myself more easily. It worked. Starting on June 1, 2014 we have very rarely missed a day. Many of those days we only posted a photo of a beard. To do this we had to search and find a photo that we liked or expressed a feeling that conveyed meaning to us.

We have experimented with writing which frankly isn’t something I had any experience with whatsoever. We have done many things from posting opinions, inspirations, music, videos and even wrote poetry. Me poetry? Last thing I ever thought I’d try, much less post publically.

Yes, Fearsome Beard has taken Fearsome and I to places we never really thought we would go. So now comes the challenge after more than 4 years of blogging and 2,592 posted entries.

What do we want from our blog? Does it have a purpose? Could it help us on our life’s journey? Could this here blog thingy mean more to us? Could it be more than it is and has been so far?

During Comic-Con 2017 I attended a panel on writing and becoming a writer. I went simply because my niece was going and I thought to myself “what could it hurt to learn a little more about writing?” I left inspired and with a title of a book to read that everyone on the panel agreed hands down was the best book in print on the subject of writing.

Stephen King’s On Writing/A memoir of the Craft.

Being so inspired I immediately ordered a copy. Inspiration wearing off like it can, the book has been on my nightstand for more than a year unopened.

Starting today I commit to reading. Reading at a minimum 10 pages daily (maybe more, but at least 10) and then blogging briefly about my reading each and every day. By blogging I can cement my take on each day’s read in my brain. By sharing I might inspire another or convey something of value to another. By committing publically I am allowing myself to be accountable to you my dear readers to follow my dream of learning more about writing, of learning more about myself, of growing my skills and of creatively expressing myself as I have never have before.

Wish me the best and feel free to comment and/or hold me to my commitment. I only ask that any input to please be constructive and encouraging.

What can I do?

1) I can call a friend who needs support and give them mine.

2) I can become a member of the ACLU … or if I already am … I can donate more.

3) I can contact both my SENATORS.

4) I can contact my REPRESENTATIVE.

5) Contact my GOVERNOR.

6) I can donate to or volunteer for the DEMOCRATIC Party.

7) I can stand for justice, equality and righteousness.

8) I can speak out ( ….remember…Silence =Death).

9) I can talk, enlighten, rally and share with others around me.

10) I can donate my time, attend rallies and be visible.

What can you do? Pick one, or preferably all, of the above and stand up for humanity, equality and dignity for all.

Fearsome writes our President

Yesterday we felt helpless. Yesterday we did something to change that. Yesterday we contacted our representative and senators. We provided this LINK so you could as well. With the aide of that link it took us 10 minutes total to write all three.

This morning we wrote President Obama and Vice President Biden. I am sure that our letters are lost in a sea of letters and communications they are receiving but they are there. Without hundreds of thousands of letters just like ours, the importance of responsibility regarding this issue would not be forefront in our leaders agendas. Please write how you feel to each and every one of our leaders that represents you.

You can reach the White House for both Obama & Biden … by simply clicking right HERE.

Below is our letter. Feel free to use it as an example, write your own or even copy and paste it if your view is similar to Fearsome’s:

Dear President Obama,
Please do not delay in pushing forward responsible, sensible gun control. Assault weapons have no place outside of law enforcement and military use. Handguns need only be in the hands of thoroughly vetted responsible citizens and in limited numbers….if at all. The tragedies we endure can and must stop.
Freedoms are actually limited in a free society. They are limited by the freedoms infringement on the safety and security of fellow citizens. Of this I am sure you are quite aware. I believe in you and I rest assured that you will do the right thing by pushing forward and holding those controlled by the gun lobby responsible for our recent tragedies.
Thank you for your years of service. You are an inspiration. You have accomplished many great things and your legacy improves not only the United States, but the world as a whole. May sensible gun control become part of your legacy to the absolute best of your ability.
(Your name here)


Go Ahead….do something, say something….don’t let those lost in Orlando be lost without your voice expressing the necessity of responsibility.

Thank you.

Meditation….Let’s do it again folks!

Time for a Fearsome Challenge…

I’ve posted on meditation a few times. I’ve also posted about the Oprah & Deepak Chopra meditation series before. There is a new one coming up from them starting March 16. This new one is called Manifesting True Success. I have already signed up.

The Oprah & Deepak Chopra series is free and is 21 days long. Once you sign up you will receive 21 e mails (one each day) starting March 16. If you are interested go here:

I enjoy these greatly. They consist of an opening by Oprah and then a guided beginning from Deepak followed by about 10 minutes of soothing sounds. So each one only takes about 20 minutes. I’ve been corrected in the past on this here blog thingy that this is not a “real meditation”. Well for me it is. It’s my blog and my meditation so I can decide for myself what is real. That person didn’t take into account I am a beginner meditator and we all must start somewhere.

What these do for me is get me to stop, be present, clear my mind, focus and reduce my stress. I feel better. The old shoulder, knees and back find ache relief. I’m more content and at peace when I’m in a series like this. I do well with these because otherwise when I’m not receiving an e mail each day, I find a distraction to lead me elsewhere and before I know it I haven’t meditated in days or weeks.

If you’re up for it, sign up as its free. Let me know in the comments if you are taking the ride with me and let’s share it together!