San Diego LGBTQ Pride 2018

It’s here. It’s already here.

San Diego celebrates in July. After the other two large cities in our Golden State take the last two weekends in June, San Diego gives everyone a couple week break and then  continues the celebrations.

I’ve been celebrating Pride since the first one I ever had the opportunity to attend. That particular pride was Seattle Pride 1990. I have been out of the closet since I was but a teenager however the place I lived had yet to have a pride celebration.

What Pride means to me is simply that we can be and are or authentic selves. In that we respect each other and support each other in living authentic lives. We celebrate and embrace diversity, acceptance, understanding, respect, affirmation, love and freedom.

Pride is, and should always be, a place of safety to simply just be. Just be. Be without judgment, discrimination, hatred and intolerance.

Be authentic. Be real.

A Pride Challenge with a Stern Point of View

It’s June and that makes it Pride month. This year will mark 46 years since the Stonewall Riots. Our world has changed a lot in those years for many of us, but untold numbers worldwide still live in fear of punishment and even death. So while we celebrate Pride throughout cities in our Western culture, let us not forget those amoung  us that are still held in prisons of fear and those in cultures that keep people just like us repressed and punished for simply being alive.

Each year Kelly Stern over at Rambling Along in Life challenges other bloggers to post this pic for Pride


And this year he’s asked us to post this pic of his beloved Pino that he lost during the past year


My gratitude to Kelly for reminding us the true importance of our Pride celebrations. Happy Pride month to all. Let us keep marching forward toward equality for all and remember those who marched before us giving us the freedoms we enjoy today.