This is Halloween

Continuing Fearsome’s Halloween traditions, he has asked me to post the intro to one of his favorite flicks, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton – This is Halloween – 1993

Earlier this month we discovered Broken Peach and find their cover of this very tune quite fabulous. 

Broken Peach – This Is Halloween – 2015

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

I Put A Spell On You

and now your mine!

We kick off Halloween Week with Broken Peach’s cover of Jay Hawkin’s 1956 holiday classic most recently made famous by Bette Midler in the 1993 film Hocus Pocus. 

Broken Peach – I Put A Spell On You – 2017

It’s Raining Men

The recent need for distraction from political reality that has us searching new talents on YouTube continues. About a week ago we discovered Broken Peach and plan to post several of their videos in the coming days. 
We decided to start with this awesome cover of a classic disco tune from our youthful gay club days. 

Broken Peach – The Weather Girls cover – It’s Raining Men – 2015