A day at the beach

Life, living it gets busy. I like busy. I believe a full dance card is a dersirable dance card. If it’s not full, I say get out there and fill it up.

I had a private comment from a dear friend and reader of Fearsome Beard that they thought maybe I had lost interest in this here blog thingy since I’ve had some breaks in written posts. I must have had a look in my eye because very quickly he said “or maybe you have just been busy?”

I had to laugh and then reassured him busy was the answer. I actually appreciate his enlightenment for it makes me pause and assess.

Being contemplative I thought about it and I definately haven’t lost any interest, in fact I am loving this here blog thingy more and more as time passes. I do have gaps in the written prose, but that’s ok. Life is busy. I have distractions. Sometimes I have something to say and haven’t the time to stop and say it. Other times I have the time to stop, yet nothing to say. The best part of the blog is that when the stars align, I actually do stop and write. I contemplate, laugh, cry, think, read, express, research, communicate, grow, interact, share and learn.

Some days I get busy. Some days I just go to the beach.

Fearsome on Haulover Beach, yes the people behind me are nude but hey so am I.

Fearsome on the Beach


Hungry Beard waiting for his dinner.

Hungry Beard waiting for his dinner.

Today’s gallivant brings us back to our usual haunt of Ft. Lauderdale beach. We is just the two of us…Fearsome and me. The better half has commitments back at home on the west coast and the six pups are happy at least one of us is home. We will miss him but will have him on a future trip in the not too distant future.

This beautiful breezy and balmy Florida evening took us on a stroll to our favorite Casabanca Cafe to kick off our trip. Kick it off to a tasty start at a charming and picturesque location. Afterwards a long stroll on the beach will be grand.

Yep…living the dream…

View from my dinner table.

View from my dinner table on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic. 


Ft Lauderdale Beach February 8, 2016

Ft Lauderdale Beach February 8, 2016

Yesterday was a magnificent day for a walk on the beach. Cool breeze and warm sun. I took advantage of the opportunity to reflect.

I have so much to be grateful for.

So much.