Go Padres!

Another year, another opening day!

It Is Baseball Season!

All y’all know where Fearsome and I will be at 1:10 pm pacific time today.

Petco Park home of the San Diego Padres


The Super Bowl

Do you know why we like the Super Bowl?

We like the Super Bowl because it marks the start of Baseball Season!

Catchers and Pitchers start reporting 2/14!

A real sport, WooHoo!

Go Padres!

Capital Treasures 4

After our enjoyable visit at the National Gallery it was time for our appointment at The African American History Museum.

National Museum of African-American History & Culture

Definately an amazing museum and wonderful addition to the Smithsonian, this museum is worth the visit. Still being the new kid on The Mall it was packed and tickets hard to come by. We enjoyed it immensely, but we will make a point to come back at a later date when it isn’t so crowded and can be enjoyed as a Museum of its caliber should be. I know they have a lot of people waiting to get in and that tickets are limited in number, but I think they could do better limiting the number of tickets issued to an even smaller number.

Contemplative Court Waterfall Fountain

The Contemplative Court Waterfall Fountain was worth the trip itself alone. Overwhelming. Fearsome had some tears to catch as I began to sob. Cleansing.

Jackie Robinson #42

Fearsome had more tears to catch as I choked up over Jackie’s jersey. One can see the faint reflection of Fearsome’s San Diego Padres hat in the glass just above the shoulder to the right of the Jackie’s face.

Jackie Robinson is truly an inspirational man of honor. Integrating baseball was not an easy task. Jackies strength was in his own personal restraint and self discipline. Fearsome highly recommends the movie about Jackie’s life. The movie is simply “42”. Jackie is one of Fearsome’s heroes.

The elusive cycle

One of the rarest occurances in baseball hitting for the cycle. Hitting for the cycle is simply one player hitting a single, a double, a triple and a home run all in one game. Hitting for the cycle has only occurred 307 times in the history of Major Legue baseball since the first recorded in 1882. A feat more rare than a cycle is a no hitter. A no hitter is a pitcher completing a full 9 innings without the opposing team achieving a single hit which has only occurred  289 times in MLB history. The perfect game (no hitter ever even reaches a base)  has only been achieved 23 times in MLB history with the rarest occurance being hitting for the cycle in perfect order only happening 14 times.

This happened Tuesday:

Wil Myers landed The Padres their second cycle in Padres history. He hit a single, a double, a home run and finally, at his 8th inning fourth at bat, a triple. The triple is that hardest one out of the four to get.

I love baseball. I love the ability for a player to have a fresh start each and every time a bat is picked up.

The cycle is quite the achievement. Think about it. In most games a player only gets 4 at bats or 5 tops. Many games a player will have not even achieve one hit in a game much less four. Consider that in 140 years of Major Legue baseball more than 210,000 games have been played with  at least 9 hitters (more than 1,890,00 total) getting an average of 4 at bats…that’s more than 7,560,000 at bats.

Congratulations Wil Myers on cycle #308.

Baseball truly is a field of dreams. One must dream the dream first and then it will come. It will.

An opening day win and one amazing remake

Wow! What a game. Back and forth scores, multiple home runs and even an opposing team (SF Giants) grand slam and our Beloved Padres eeked out a 7-6 win over San Fransisco’s Giants. It was a down to the wire fun to watch nail biter! In other words a well matched good game. Baseball, at its best!

Opening day National Anthem

Fearsome and his opening day posse at Petco Park

After our return home we settle into bed to find out that Pentanonix just posted one fucking incredible remake of one of Rock Music’s best classics.

Wow, just wow! …oh yeah if you even slightly enjoyed Queen, this will be so worth your time.

Opening Day


Today marks our beloved San Diego Padres home opener.

Opening day is a day of dreams, hopes, beginnings, the smell of a freshly cut grass and irresistable scents of barbecue, hotdogs, popcorn and those damn garlic fries.

Our Padres aren’t expected to do much this year. The team is very young, inexperienced and some say “experimental”. In baseball this doesn’t really matter. Each game and each at bat is a new beginning.

As is Fearsome’s want, we continue our tradition of posting John Fogerty’s Centerfield to mark the monumentous occiasion and local holiday of Opening Day!

Yes …we will be there. We wouldn’t miss such an occiasion. We love baseball.

Field of Dreams

National Anthem Petco Park Padres vs Diamondbacks 4/17/16

National Anthem Petco Park Padres vs Diamondbacks 4/17/16, Military Opening Day. 

Today is sunny and 80 degrees F with a breeze off San Diego bay just across the street. It’s a good day for baseball.

I love the game and I appreciate the charachter I gain from the lessons of it. Each season, each home stand, each game and each bat is a new beginning. Patience, it takes patience, focus, skill, vision, determination, attention, confidence and accuracy. There is humor, dedication, respect, camaraderie, laughter, disappointment, surprise, applause, and groans.

I learn from the sport. I grow.



New Season of Dreams


Yup …..Baseball Season!

I have a seat at today’s opening Padres vs. Dodgers at Petco Park! Alas the game is in San Diego and I’m still in Virginia. The Better half gets my field level first base seat today and I will go to my first game Wednesday with my seat mate Greg.

(BTW …..there’s a new blog out there written by Greg’s brother in law Matt. He’s blogging as he walks the Pacific Coast Trail. Check him out HERE and give him a bit of encouragement.)

Let’s get this New Season of Dreams started…..


Beautiful night

It’s a typical early summer evening in San Diego. A good night for baseball. About 65 degrees F with a cool breeze off of the salty bay. The air smells of rich barbecue, sweet cotton candy and crisp freshly mowed grass. Music, laughter, applause, conversations and cheers of “Swing Batter Batter” echo through the stands. My nose and finger tips tingle with the cool breeze, my body warm with the soft Padres sweatshirt. There is a dramatic changing light as the sun sets behind left field. It fills the senses full to content.


Sunset over Fearsomebeard

Sunset over Fearsomebeard

I’m at home here in Petco Park. A place I never dreamt I’d love. Stats I never thought I’d understand. A sport that was once foreign to me. What did attending my first ever baseball game back in 1997 teach me? Never doubt something until you’ve tried it.

May you're night be a wonderful one.

May you’re night be a wonderful one.

Rising above

First I must give credit where it is due, I was made aware of this over on Joe.My.God.

The Oakland A’s have decided to have a LGBT night at one of their games this Season. Not anything new to me as the San Diego Padres have been having one night a year for the LGBT community for years now. It’s very common for different nights to be set apart for different segments of the community in baseball. There are 80 home games for each team every year. Designated nights allow for promotion of the team.

Apparently the LGBT night is new in Oakland and some of the season ticket holders are upset and do not want to attend. That’s their right. As a season ticket holder you can sell or trade your tickets.

What does an enlightened team player do to better a situation that is causing a controversy? How can one take lemons and make lemonade?

Oakland A’s pitcher, Sean Doolittle, has stepped up to the plate. He and his girlfriend have offered to purchase any disgruntled season ticket holders tickets at face value, which is more than a season ticket holder actually pays for them, and are going to donate the tickets to LGBTQ youth. This sticky situation is now a blessing to youth who are often cast offs.

Whats a good beard with a good conscience to do? Kudos to Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend Eriann for doing a good thing.

Oakland A's pitcher Sean Doolittle

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle

If you wish to read more on it: