Happy Days Ahead

I’ve been saving this famous clip of Judy & Barbra just for today.

Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand – Happy Days Are Here Again / Come On Get Happy – 1963

Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris. Thank you for your service to our country. The world breathes a sigh of relief.


We’ve always adored Barbra Streisand’s incredible rendition of Jingle bells that she debuted on her 1967 Barbra Streisand | A Christmas Album. Over the years it’s been covered and lip synched by many. However we here at Fearsome Beard | The Blog Thingy, have decided that Babs Levine covers it the best of all with her fabulous lip synch re-creation.
Take it away Babs … and get us  …Upsot?

Babs Levine – (Barbra Streisand’s 1967) Jingle Bells – 2013

Don’t stop dreaming

Things may not be perfect in our world, but please remember one thing…

Don’t ever stop dreaming.

If we don’t dream, we can never make our dreams come true.

Barbra & Seth have taken one of Fearsome’s favorite tunes and done it justice. Way.


Humor helps

Getting through these last few days of holiday madness I’ve found that a sense of humor helps. After driving through a significant portion of San Diego today dropping off gifts, I have witnessed first hand the madness. Drivers, mad drivers are definitely a majority. Their antics reminded me of Barbra’s 1967 classic Christmas album. The opening song that is. Given that Barbra didn’t produce music videos of that 1967 classic, I decided to let Babs Levine try her hand at lip syncing Barbra’s frantic opening song. Take it away Babs…

Much more fun than looking at a slide show of dramatic Barbra photos or sentimental Christmas scenes. Drive safe out there and watch out for Babs on the road. I swear she was one of those drivers that almost landed me in the median…upsot.