Best day of my life

Yesterday sucked.

Yesterday sucked ’cause I made a mistake. My mistake was I didn’t count my blessings. I couldn’t see the forest for the damn trees.

Today will be different. It starts with choice. It starts with attitude. It starts with perspective. I get to choose my perspective and my attitude.

Today I choose to see the forest. May your day be the best as well.

Winter Storms, Dr. Appointments, Tire Blowouts and a First Class Seat

It’s 8 am, outside it’s 27 degrees F and the wind is briskly blowing. We already had our high for the day of 30 degrees F at 5 am. You guessed it, I’m not in San Diego but at my mother’s house in Virginia.

I’m booked out of here tomorrow at 6:45 am. The temperature at that time is forecast to be about 12 degrees F. Snow isn’t expected here until later in the day tomorrow. I fly through Chicago, landing at about 7:30 am and out to San Diego at 10:30 am just ahead of the winter storm that’s to bring that city snow later in the afternoon as well.

My phone buzzes with text from United warning me of possible delays and free flight change options. I’ve already called the Premier hotline and discussed options with an agent and we were in agreement that keeping my current schedule will hopefully precede the storm and be most prudent.

Mom had a heart echo yesterday morning. Shortly afterward we were to be at her Dr. Office for a follow up appointment. Her Dr. Office is about a 20 minute drive involving Interstate 81 north into Botetourt county. We jumped on the road and headed that direction in her Toyota Camry Hybrid. Like son like mother, she has a hybrid too.

As we were headed uphill around a curve on that semi truck laden two lane interstate I heard a noise and felt it best to pull over. Yup nail sticking out of passenger rear tire. I know better than to pull that out as we still had air, the exit was about a mile ahead and the shoulder we were on was tight and dangerous. I got back in and back onto the Interstate freeway. We made it about a half mile before the noise was worse and I looked into rear view mirror to see the white rubber smoke billowing out behind us. We had blown the tire.

I pulled off again out of absolute necessity. This time a much better spot that was flat, visible and very wide. Much safer. I first called her Dr. as her getting in was priority and they had one opening 3 hours later, score. I called my SoCal AAA and they quickly connected me with Virginia AAA. The most helpful woman on the other end sent a truck immediately as being on the side of an interstate is considered dangerous and urgent. She looked up the closest garage where I could get a tire and gave me their number. I called and they had the exact tire to match her set. The AAA truck was there in 10 minutes, tire changed in 5 minutes. We drove to the tire place and they had a bay open and waiting with the tire. We had a new tire on the car, were paid and out of there in 20 minutes.

Wow. Shit happens and what was it I wrote about angels the other day? They are here and even though life has bumps, the angels get us through. I took mom to a wonderful lunch and we were at her re-scheduled Dr. appointment 15 minutes early. The appointment went well. We still have a couple tests to get back in before they can make any definitive decisions on her rehabilitation. She is doing pretty well and her go-getter attitude sure helps. She is easily tired with a dose of dizziness. My brother, who lives here, and I will keep working together to help her remain as independent as she wants to be as long as possible. She’s planning to go back to work in a few weeks if she can. I hope she can as she loves it there.

What does a first class seat have to do with my travels? The travel that was delayed a day coming out due to a winter storm and the travel back that is being threatened by another winter storm? I checked in for my flights this morning and scored an upgrade from Chicago to San Diego in first class. They will be serving lunch. I will enjoy it.

Attitude adds up

When I get a new follower I try, time allowing, to get over to their blog and check it out. I often leave a comment or like a post and follow if the content is resonating with me. Recently I got a follow from a blog in a different language. I checked a few post and couldn’t understand as it was a launguage that I had absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever. Just as I was about to leave the page I hit a post that had just one portion in English. It had a good message that I knew I had to share.

I took a quick screenshot of the English part, left a comment that I would like to share it and clicked off to get back to work. The next day as I sat down to write my post I went to my followers so I could give proper credit. The blog was no longer following me. Crap! The screenshot didn’t show the name of the blog and I had no way to find out where this came from. So I decided to wait and see if this follower came back, or if I could somehow trace back to give credit. Nothing.

So to everyone out in wordpressland… One of you inspired me and I thank you for it. I am rewriting the inspiration in my own text but it was one of you who gave me the insight and the meat of this post:

It seems that numerical forces and our English alphabet have conspired to send us an important message. If one were to give a numerical value to each letter of the alphabet in order from 1 to 26 the truth about 3 words adds up, giving us confirmation of the true value of these words.



K N O W L E D G E is powerful and will get you far.            11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%

H A R D W O R K is even more powerful and will take you further. 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%

A T T I T U D E is the sure fired way to get there and anywhere you want to go. 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%