Is the goal happiness or contentment?

This is a good question. I just finished watching Super Soul Sunday which included this video by John Chester of Apricot Farms:

In this video John Chester states that people often ask him “Are the dogs happy?”

John states that after many years observing the dogs that they are content. They are content doing what they do because they are doing something for someone (the sheep) outside of themselves. They have a purpose.

I am deep in contemplation on this subject. Happiness and contentment are two different things. Both are good. Often though I think that I may confuse priorities here and not give proper value to contentment. I think happiness can be put on a pedestal and that contentment can sometimes be mis-understood as settling.

Is it not true that contentment can be happiness? I think maybe it can. Maybe it can be a healthy stable happiness that resides deep within when one is doing what is right.

I will contemplate this today as I stroke Fearsome in thought. Check out the video, it is well worth the watch as it will leave you with a smile and feeling good.