New Remix

Of an old New Wave Classic.

Had this remix hit the turntable back in the day, you can bet we would have danced to every second of it. Picture it with my spiked blonde hair and huge porn star mustache.

A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away) – 1982 New Wave Xtension Remix 2021

It’s the weekend, tap those toes.

La Grange

This Beard, this certain Fearsome Beard, made the commitment to his soul last week to search for inspiration, search for beauty, search for passion and search for his own talent. He committed to try. To try to not only seek and to find but to enact. Trial through action to take himself to a higher level.

The next step has been taken, if only one foot has left the ground. With many steps ahead may my success exceed even my wildest dreams.

Beauty, passion, inspiration lie everywhere. All we must do is appreciate, accept and live. Live to the fullest.

Damn, ain’t ZZ Top just great? Damn great.