Silly Love Songs

As a young man stepping into puberty, 1976 was a carefree summer of fun. Life was new, life was exciting and life was exhilarating. I was changing and the world was changing.
This tune was full of joy and always gave me a kick in my step.

Wings / Paul and Linda McCartney – Silly Love Songs – 1976

🎵“Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs
And what’s wrong with that?”🎶

There is nothing wrong with that.

Thank you Paul McCartney for your many places in the soundtrack that is my life. This one never fails to bring me joy.

A little night music

As the sun sets over the pacific just to the west of where I sit right now, I’m going to kick back and enjoy this live version of She’s Gone.

She’s Gone – Live – 1976 – Hall & Oates

Damn John Oates is fine.