Boogie Man!

It’s not Halloween without a Boogie Man in your closet.

A Boogie Man can come in more than one form. For instance there’s this here classic disco Boogie Man:

– I’m you Boogie Man – KC and the Sunshine Band – 1976 –

However there is also this more menacing heavy metal boogie man as well:

– I’m your Boogie Man – White Zombie – 1996 –

Let’s keep this Halloween party going! Go ahead, pick your poison!

Gay Anthems!

It’s officially pride week. Time to break out those dancin’ shoes.

Fearsome will start with the men who made this teen, back when he was a teen in the late 1970s, wish he was older so he too could be at the discos out west in San Fransisco.

Village People – Go West – 1979

Thanks Edith!

I remember growing up with Archie Bunker. The grumpy bigoted white man who somehow could grow and change outside of his narrow minded views. He usually had the help of his wife Edith, his liberal long haired son in law or his black neighbors. Archie was a character that showed change, evolution and even growth was possible.

All in the Family was a ground breaking show for the 1970s. I remember it breaking into otherwise taboo social subjects of the era, notably race. It did occasionally touch on homosexuality but I somehow missed this episode that Matt Baum brings to us today. Giving credit where credit is due I found this clip on Joe.My.God this morning before I found it on Matt’s YouTube channel.

This episode actually touches on gay marriage. The show was originally aired in 1977. From Matt’s clip, the episode appears very well done. Now I want to find the whole episode. In the mean time check out this clip. I will post an update if I find the whole episode in a format I can embed here on this here blog thingy. I believe it’s important to know some of what changed our history and helped our culture to evolve on such social issues.

UPDATE: full episode was an easy find.