It’s a hot San Diego night. Much warmer than normal for us. It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Damn hot for us. I sit at Petco Park enjoying the wind down of the Baseball season.

San Diego Pares vs Colorado Rockies, at this 4th inning Padres 6, Rockies 2. Go Padres!

San Diego Pares vs Colorado Rockies, at this 4th inning Padres 6, Rockies 2. Go Padres!

Reading blogs is fun and often makes me think. Food for thought, things to contemplate I find as I visit blog friends. I read a friend’s blog today that got me a contemplatin’. Gave me inspiration to write as I watch the Padres first baseman tag a Rockie out. Blogspirating I call it.

Success, what is it really? Is it only material? Does it have to be big? Can it be measured? Does it make any one person better than another? Or, Is it personal? Spiritual? Simple?

Well I think most can agree that success can take many forms. For me, mostly, success is personal, simple and spiritual. I succeed anytime I share a smile, make another’s day better, give inspiration, leave a place better than I found it, let a car into traffic, make a donation to help a homeless dog, get to the gym, do yoga, let one of my puppies fall asleep on my chest, make a blog post, make a phone call for a client, answer a question, show a house, comfort a client when a real estate deal falls apart, and understand when someone makes a mistake or accidentally says something that I otherwise could find offensive.

I found a few quotes I would like to share. I hope one resonates with you.








Iron Cowboy Does 50/50/50

On July 25, 2015 James Lawrence, AKA Iron Cowboy, completed his 50th Ironman in 50 days in 50 states.

An Ironman Triatholon consists of a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride completed with a 26.2 (full marathon) mile run…all in a row in one day. To officially be an “Ironman” these have to be completed in 17 hours or less.

Needless to say I ran into James Lawrence on the web searching for beards. He has one, as do his two wing men. I found him while he was in the process of completing numerous Ironmans working toward his goal. Last night I found this video by Rich Roll, AKA Vegan Ultraman, and was inspired. Not inspired to become an Ironman or an Ultraman, but inspired by the human spirit to work toward and complete a goal.

I take today to contemplate the human spirit. I challenge myself to pick out one thing I wish to improve in my life, to set a goal and take the first step toward that goal.

Have a Fearsome Saturday!

Diana Nyad ….just plain Fearsome

Remember a couple years back about this time of year that a lady, that had been trying for several years, finally actually swam from Cuba to Key West? That was Diana Nyad. She is best known as a sports broadcaster from her days in the early 1980s on ABC Wide World Of Sports into her later years at FOX Sports. She is one talented, strong, fearsome and inspirational woman.

If you noticed my short post yesterday, I had the honor, the blessing, to spend more than an hour in the audience as she spoke. She is beautiful, sincere, funny, kind, reassuring, inspiring, entertaining and most of all moving. I am twice blessed that I will soon be in Philly at a different training conference where she once again will be speaking. I’m getting there early that day as I want a front row seat this time. I was in awe, this next time I can absorb.

Diana has a book coming out in October and next year will be asking 1 million people to join her for part, or all of, her walk from the Pacific to the Atlantic as a motivator to help get Americans out of the sedentary lifestyle and on their feet. I plan to join her. No not for all of it, my real estate clients do expect me to work sometime, but for a part of it. For such a noble cause with such an inspiring woman I can spend a whole day walking across our beautiful land.

Below is a short TED talk that she did shortly after her 110  mile swim at the age of 64. It’s short compared to the time I was blessed to spend with her yesterday but well worth the watch. Never ever give up, the joy is the journey…..keep on that journey and you will get more than you ever imagined.

The Heart of The Padres

The San Diego Padres are often out doing good things in our community. I remember years ago working in the infant intensive care units the players coming through visiting families in our care. The Padres sponsor little league ball parks and are seen at many charity events. They are often noted for gifts to the community.

It’s good for relations and frankly good press. The Padres are a huge corporation that deals in large sums of money so it’s kind of expected as well. Corporate charity is a good thing. Somehow they always seem to be deeper than just making the necessary gesture. Somehow they always seem to be giving from a deeper place, a place somewhere in the heart. That’s one of the reasons I gave into professional sports and became a fan.

Then I’m made aware of how true they are to giving, to caring for not only the community but people period. This is an old article from 2005, and they are still following through with it to this day in 2015. The article is a testament to true humanity. I reccomend the read and having a tissue handy.

Go Padres!

Go Padres!

It’s opening day in San Diego and we are out the door in a few minutes. I’ll update as I can. To get us started there’s…

Padre Joe and the Foul Balls outside Petco Park


Outside Petco the Navy is getting ready for the game.

Outside Petco the Navy is getting ready for the game.

Jill, Gracie, Jay, The Better Half, Greg and Fearsome Himself before the game.

Jill, Gracie, Jay, The Better Half, Greg and Fearsome Himself before the game.

The National Anthem.

The National Anthem.

With an opening day sold out attendance of 45,150, the Padres unfortunately lose to the Giants in 12 innings. It was a great day and it’s baseball, we have another game tomorrow night. Fearsome will be there to watch the Padres win.



Rising above

First I must give credit where it is due, I was made aware of this over on Joe.My.God.

The Oakland A’s have decided to have a LGBT night at one of their games this Season. Not anything new to me as the San Diego Padres have been having one night a year for the LGBT community for years now. It’s very common for different nights to be set apart for different segments of the community in baseball. There are 80 home games for each team every year. Designated nights allow for promotion of the team.

Apparently the LGBT night is new in Oakland and some of the season ticket holders are upset and do not want to attend. That’s their right. As a season ticket holder you can sell or trade your tickets.

What does an enlightened team player do to better a situation that is causing a controversy? How can one take lemons and make lemonade?

Oakland A’s pitcher, Sean Doolittle, has stepped up to the plate. He and his girlfriend have offered to purchase any disgruntled season ticket holders tickets at face value, which is more than a season ticket holder actually pays for them, and are going to donate the tickets to LGBTQ youth. This sticky situation is now a blessing to youth who are often cast offs.

Whats a good beard with a good conscience to do? Kudos to Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend Eriann for doing a good thing.

Oakland A's pitcher Sean Doolittle

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle

If you wish to read more on it:

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

I’m dreaming of baseball.

I’m blessed with the beautiful Petco Park and Padres Baseball just minutes away from my home here in San Diego. I’m blessed with the financial resources to purchase my season tickets. Aisle seats, field level and right on first base. I’m blessed to have a close friend I made at the games who shares the seats with me.

I was down there recently. I make a point of stopping by the park several times in the offseason just to see it. Feel it. The new JUMBOTRON has been installed and is massive. It will include the scoreboard into the video board giving us better graphics, video and music in the new season. The new field was being installed. There was even a man up in the stands power washing the seats. The smell of the grass was exhilarating.

I know now what I didn’t know as a boy. I now know what it’s like to dream, hope, wish, plan, learn, understand, cheer, yell, quote stats and be a part of sports. I was not athletic as a kid. I hated sports and the boys who played them. I was overweight, slow, uncoordinated and effeminate. I was left out of sports, I didn’t understand them and had no knowledge of how to play them.

That didn’t change until my dear friend Clayton took me to an afternoon game at the old Qualcomm stadium back in 1998. I had a bit of a crush on Clayton and would do anything he wanted to do, followed him like a puppy. When he asked me to go to a game, I asked “why would you want to spend three hours watching that slow dull sport?” he replied “it’s not dull, it’s fun and Ryan Klesko is really cute.” So I agreed.

I was hooked. Baseball is anything but dull. It takes talent, skill and hope. I realized that when I was a kid it wasn’t the boys who played it who kept me out, it was me who excluded myself out of fear. It may not have been my forte, but I don’t really know as I never tried. I grew a little that day. I also became a fan.

Today my paradise is dreaming of opening day 2015 here in San Diego. The grass will be green, the girls and the beards will be pretty.

Beard of the day

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night. The MVP award goes to this man who undoubtably was the key player in their win. It takes a whole team to win as without the full team support he could not do it alone. He set a record for the most innings pitched in a World Series and did it with an ERA under 0.50. He’s only 25 years old and this is his third World Series with the Giants, they have won all three.

Madison Bumgarner an inspiration to the power of focus and purpose.

Madison Bumgarner an inspiration to the power of focus and purpose.