To my Warrior Queen

Dear Anne Marie in Philly,

I sure do miss you. From wherever you are I do hope you enjoyed your Phillies winning the National League title over my Padres last year.
I sure wish we had been able to experience that here together, even though your team did win. But alas we weren’t, however I know I wasn’t alone and that we watched your team take the pennant each from our own dimension.
Tomorrow 3/30/23 is opening day here in San Diego as we begin another season. Your beloved Phillies are back at it as well.  I dedicate this post and the song below to you my dear Warrior Queen. May the best team win.

John Fogerty – Centerfield – 1985

Love Fearsome                                                                                                                                                            oh…and Go Padres! 😘


4 thoughts on “To my Warrior Queen

  1. Oof. I had not realized that AM’s team made the World Series. I bet she would have been real ticked off to have missed it.

    • Of all people I’m convinced AM is spending at least occasional periods of time in her other dimension crossing back over to haunt us who are still currently mortal. I’m sure she was there.

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