20 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Handsome man….You were in my neighborhood. My home is very close to where the photo was snapped. I recognize the pink and yellow buildings.

    • I’m often around. This time staying at the Sun Tower right behind me. Look for that Ft Lauderdale header that was up the last week and you know I’m there. When the Hotel Del Coronado, current header, is up you know I’ve left and am back home in San Diego. ….oh and thank you!

  2. You do know if that had been photographed by Annie Leibovitz it would be called “Dorito Beard with Dog.”

    • The Doritos bag was saved from blowing into the ocean. It was blowing empty across the beach and I grabbed it before it became yet another piece if trash in our oceans. I took the opportunity and filled it with other small pieces of trash found on the beach until it was full at which time it went into the proper trash container.

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