In Memory

This morning I pause to say Thank You to Bob McGrath for being an inspiration to this very man when he was but a young lonely boy. Bob’s warmth and care gave this little insecure boy comfort through the screen of a television back in 1969. I’ll never forget this tune as it was placed into the soundtrack of my life by this wonderful man. I still sing it to myself whenever I need comfort.

Bob McGrath – Good Morning Starshine (Sesame Street) – 1969

Thank You Bob! Godspeed.


4 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Oh no.

    As a kid, I never thought much about the humans on Sesame Street. (Well, that’s not really true, given Gordon.) But they were very important to the show, I think. It is a shame they were phased out.

    • To me the human puppet interaction was part of the diversity which the show so greatly represented. My first two years, K&1, were in a segregated public school. Sesame street debuted the year I was in K. It allowed me to see a very different world, a world the way it should be.

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