Be your true authentic self always

I found this clip very inspiring. I appreciate The Kilted Coaches for being courageous enough to be truly open, honest, authentic and vulnerable. I hope it makes your day as much as it made mine.

3 thoughts on “Be your true authentic self always

  1. Since discovering these two over a decade ago I’ve been intermittently using them as ‘eye-candy’ – and they just NEVER disappoint, either in looks or sound (oh, those Scottish accents are SO damn cute, easily the sexiest accent of all that I’m aware of!). I wasn’t aware of their ventures into the wider TV world and will now take much delight in following it up.

  2. Love these guys. They are so kind and welcoming and so grateful for their fans, straight or queer. Yes, they’re hot as balls, but they’re so sweet and charming, too. I could watch them all day (and, sometimes, I do.)

    • They’re always seem ever so approachable – and so HUMAN, with no airs and graces about them. I too just LUV ’em!

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