Comic Con Day 3

The daily “Christian” protestors and a nice counter protestor.

Perhaps the protestors summoned a demon.

Fearsome and his friend he ran into Rodney



8 thoughts on “Comic Con Day 3

  1. I doubt very much if that guy had dick for breakfast, otherwise he’d have been smart enough not to carry that sign.

      • It is important for them to protest. They have a haunting fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun.

      • They even protest the baseball games here. Apparently America’s favorite past time needs salvation as well. They are horrible, shouting the things they do scaring young children as they do it. They usually even have their own children with them making them both hold signs and scream at us sinners.

  2. I see Chainsaw Man! I’ve seen so much hype for that anime series that it better be the best one I’ve ever seen when it arrives in the Fall.

  3. I feel badly for the police and security people who are posted in that area and have to listen to it. I figure the guy on the loudspeaker must be making himself and his pals deaf. Karma.

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