4 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Just so you know, for couple of days now I’ve been unable to see the pics you’ve posted – apparently something to do with my not having a device that will take the WordPress app (no, I don’t know what that means either, or how to remedy it). Will keep trying and hoping – meanwhile it’s a 😦

      • Me too, especially since I’m having no trouble in viewing recent picture-postings on other blogs I follow. I wonder if some others are having the same trouble as I’m doing here.

    • Viewing the pages in a web browser seems to work for me. I have observed that some WordPress blogs (including Fearsome’s) have somehow changed how they link images that are posted, but that has been happening for months now.

      Raybeard: if you have access to a different web browser then you might try that. You might also try browsing in “incognito” or “private window” mode on your browser to see whether that makes a difference.

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