This Time I Know It’s For Real

Our beloved Disco Diva Donna Summer released this danceable hit on February 13, 1989.
Hmmm… the day before Valentine’s Day is quite appropriate huh?
I met my now husband some 32 years ago in 1990 not too long after it’s release.
By the time I met him at that fateful Tea-Dance, at the La-Te-Da in Key West, I had already taken a twirl or 5 to across that incredibly fabulous Copa dance floor shaking my booty to this tune’s beat.
To say that I simply loved this tune would be an understatement.
I fucking adore it.
So at this moment in time during Pride month 2022, some 32 years after meeting him and 33 years after it’s release, I post this toe tapper to dedicate it to him, my husband, my Better Half.

Donna Summer – This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Vinyl) -1989

To you my love, I knew it was for real the first moment you looked into my eyes.

2 thoughts on “This Time I Know It’s For Real

  1. A glorious foot-tapper to mark an event which was so special for you – BOTH of you. Well singled out!

    For me, when it was released here in Europe it was the height of the controversy regarding stories of her alleged comment(s) on the horrific big ‘A’ which was then ravaging its worst this side of the pond, such that many (most?) gay discos were refusing to play her tracks. By the time the dust had settled after a few years it was generally accepted that much or all of the criticism had had no foundation, so in my own era of getting up and jigging about on the disco floor I’d missed this one. That doesn’t stop me now, even in my advanced years, getting on the carpet here and shaking a leg or three.

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