4 thoughts on “A Pause to remember

  1. I cry because it should never have happened. I cry because it has happened again and again in so many ways around the world and in our own backyards. I cry and feel a sense of angst because I can’t imagine the fear and the terror of those who died that night. I cry because life for those who survived and those who are family, friends and LGBTQ+ and the supporters will never ever, ever be the same again. The physical and mental scars will be with them for the rest of their lifetimes. I personally was 900 miles away and I experienced the tragedy by way of varying forms of news reports. So strong now is my fear of the unknown that I will never gather again in public places and spaces. There are those officials, political, religious and local who vow that they will stand up and fight against the evils and hatreds in this world but it is six years later and how much of the avowed have you seen happen? Words are cheap and action is expensive and a long time in the coming. Will it be in our lifetime? I think not, lamentably.

  2. It still makes my blood boil that this happened. I don’t care if that new compromise in the Senate passes. It won’t controls guns, and we’re still going to have to deal with mass shootings with AR-15s.

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