A post dedicated to Anne Marie in Philly

After a player’s strike delay Baseball season officially started this week, and now I’m writing a post that I can honestly say that I don’t really want to write.

You see at this time every year Anne Marie and I would start a banter back and forth as to which of our teams would win this year. She was a lifetime Phillies fan and I, a more recent convert to baseball, a newbie Padres fan. Both of our teams are National League teams and therefore would play each other twice during the regular season, one stand at each home stadium. We would always be hopeful that this would be the year for our team, in hopes that we may each receive a postseason playoff berth. For most of the seasons we wouldn’t get to see our teams advance further than the regular season.

A dream of mine was to one summer fly out to Philly and take her to a game. Get us really good seats on the field above her Phillies’ dugout. I could just hear her voicing her opinion at the players as well as the flirty comments about their looks and physical qualities. I actually had started to stake out last season’s summer to try and see if I could surprise her, as long as this Covid crap would allow it.

Then unfortunately late last spring that day came when I looked down and saw Todd’s name come up on my phone. My heart sank as I knew there was only one reason Todd would be calling me on my cell phone. I answered with caution. The news was as bad as I thought it would be. I would never get to take Anne Marie to that Phillies game, at least not in person.

Instead I will take the force of The Warrior Queen with me to baseball games in my heart. My eyes weep as I write this. She loved her Phillies as she loved the city of Philly itself. She loved Todd and her cats and her blogger buddies as much as she loved to wholeheartedly express her opinion and to stand up for what was right.

Unfortunately for us I can no longer share this blog post about his beloved wife with Todd either. I got that text on February 4 of this year from Anne Marie’s hometown blogger buddy Mistress Maddie. Todd had joined the love of his life on the other side. Todd adored Anne Marie. I was fortunate enough to see the two of them together and the love that man had in his eyes for The Warrior Queen was a love that only the most blessed among us get to experience.

Fortunately for them they are together. Godspeed my friends, for one day I will take Anne Marie to that Padres vs. Phillies game. Just instead of in Philly, that game will be on the other side.

Hey Anne Marie…it’s time for the two words we all love to hear…



John Fogerty – Centerfield – 1985

17 thoughts on “A post dedicated to Anne Marie in Philly

  1. Shawn. What a great dedication to Ann Marie and so sorry to hear about her husband Todd. I remember a picture you took with them that you posted on your blog some time ago. I used to use your blog as a jumping of point to hers. I always found her post to be humorous, witty and down to earth. The pic you posted with her seemed to cement my thoughts of her as she fit the bill of “Warrior Queen”. After reading her words I always thought that it would be fun to meet her when visiting Philly, unfortunately, that never happened. Thanks for keeping her memory alive. I’m sure she, with Todd, is smiling down on you, her Phillies, and of course the Padres. I could only imagine what she would be writing on her blog right now concerning the heinous crimes going on in Ukraine. Something tells me that what ever she would have written would be over the top and correct. Big Hugs to you.

  2. I was in shock to hear of Anne Marie’s passing from Sean/Sassy, and now nearly as sad to learn of Todd’s passing. She referred me, my husband, and our friends as her “Delaware boyfriends” and we had the pleasure of celebrating Todd’s birthday with the 2 of them one year. Their love for each other and for their friends was legendary.

    • I really wanted to post about Todd’s passing and was too distraught to actually. I spoke with him many times and although I use wordpress I learned how to use blogger so I could teach him over the phone how to insert music videos from you tube into his posts. He asked me to help him as he wanted to post videos in her honor. He was my connection to her.

  3. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute post! We have all missed Anne Marie and now Todd as well. Life can change so quickly and without warning, can’t it. But as long as we remember, then they live again!

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Anne Marie. I think of her often. I am sad to hear of her husband’s passing. Life is simply too short. My eyes are filling with tears as I write this. Thank you..

  5. That was very nice. I do not believe she knew how influential her voice was. I think about her every time I sit down to write.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post and tears, both from happiness of having known her and Todd, and sadness that they are gone. I still am in shock over the loss of both of them, and I think of AM any time I crochet or hear Abba or the word Fuck. What a void she left in the blogger world, and then Todd soon after.

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