Peace is possible

The struggle for peace is real. Often it seems like the same fucking shit, different year.

However peace is achievable even if it’s just in my own community. I can start by sharing love and peace with those I meet today. I’ll just start right now with a deep breath and a smile.

Plastic Ono Band / John Lennon – Give Peace A Chance – 1969 (remastered)

2 thoughts on “Peace is possible

  1. Agreed. Peace is possible. Did we learn anything from this pandemic about how much we need each other? Have we seen that helping a stranger made life better for them and us? Can we see that being kind, and patient to those we encounter makes a difference? Can we help to stop the anger and road rage? Can a smile and kindness help to bring peace in every community? I believe it can. The same shit from year to year can stop, and we might ask then, why did it take long to happen? Respect for each other always seems to put us all on the same plain. We are all in this life together, and we are all we have.

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