Sorry, not sorry, I just have to say this…

As a survivor of multiple and repeated molestations as a child, this U.S. gymnastics molestation debacle is absolutely disgusting.

These strong young women who are testifying right now deserve all of our support and also the justice of correcting this horrible, horrible abuse and crime.

Child molesters are monsters and need to be convicted. Child molesters kill, no they murder, childhood innocence and destroy lives.

Fuck child molesters and even more so …SUPERFUCK THEIR FUCKING ENABLERS… as the enablers are as guilty as the molesters themselves. May they all burn in fucking hell.

There I said it and I do not alologize for speaking truth, truth through my own life experience.


4 thoughts on “Sorry, not sorry, I just have to say this…

  1. Don’t apologize it’s the truth. I am disgusted by the parents who when a child comes to them either turn the story around so the abuser becomes the victim or punishes the child for saying such a “disgusting thing about Uncle Marvin, Father Fatarse or whoever the abuser may be” Then they become up in arms when it is revealed as a truth. They are as responsible as the bastard that did it.

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