6 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Is that Colin Firth in middle, the same who’s current film release of ‘Supernova’ with the divine Stanley Tucci is getting some awfully good reviews? [I’d no idea till recently that the latter has been living in England for around 10 years]. Anyway, be it him or no, the above trio can hardly complain that they’re not sufficiently eye-catching – but ditch those shorts!

      • Well well! Knock me down with a feather! I might have recognised you were it not for the shades, though even then…….You look so intimidating like “You need permission to approach ME!” Can’t help wondering if you’ve got the requisitely coloured hankies peeping out from a back pocket – right or left, depending. In my own leather pants years I regularly used to have a little teddy bear showing on my left rear.
        Glad it’s not you in those shorts though, which look rather like a short skirt – though I s’pose they might just pass as ‘Romanesque gladiatorial’.

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