Oliver’s Progress

As many of you already know we rescued a German Shepard just over three weeks ago. He is a wonderful dog. His health has improved well and his progress continues.

Just for reference this is a photo from the shelter just before adpotion:

Oliver at the San Diego Humane Society before adoption.

And here he is on June 22 at home:

Oliver as he recovers his health 6/22/21 at his new home of 3 weeks.

He is young boy and is quite the handsome gentleman. What a treasure!


13 thoughts on “Oliver’s Progress

  1. The expression on his face in that second photo is proof of how ell he’s doing. Good on you for rescuing him. All our animals have been rescues and they are just the best!

  2. He’s going to use those eyes to wrap you so tightly around his little finger… well, toe, you do know that, don’t you? It’s good to see his fur is growing back.

  3. Labs are food driven; GSD are play driven! Just make sure the toys are strong, or you’ll have a German Shredder on your hands! One lucky GSD.

  4. Such a beauty he is – and was, concealed under all that dishevelled and neglected appearance. Now he can shine. For you taking him in his presence is sure to repay you a hundredfold. Welcome home, Ollie. Be a good boy now.

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