In Loving Memory

It is with great sadness that I write this.
Our beloved friend and blogger Anne Marie in Philly has passed away.

Todd, Fearsome, Mistress Maddie and Anne Marie July 2019

Anne Marie,
I cannot fully express my gratitude that you came into my life. I thank you for the laughter, smiles, smooches, encouragement, likes, comments, tears, fun, companionship, hospitality, outlook, perspective, bitchyness, joy and most of all love. I will miss you greatly. I will always carry you in my heart and share just a piece of you with everyone I possibly can.

My condolences in your great loss. Please know that I am always here for you.


15 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. I have nothing but sadness and sorrow and just still in shock from the call. Very well said. I will never forget all our 4 hour lunches, being debacherious, talking of world issues, men, sex, men, her craft, her cats, life in general, sex…laughing…..

    As she would say.. She’d say let’s get another.” I’ll fucking drink to that”

  2. Oh my goodness… I just received an anniversary card from her earlier this week! She was always so thoughtful to send anniversary and birthday cards every year. Spouse & I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Marie and Todd a few years ago when they visited the beach for Todd’s birthday. My heart is heavy with the knowledge of her passing. She’ll be sorely missed.

  3. Simply DREADFUL news. Such a shock. A very heavy dark cloud has passed over many of us, and straddled the whole Atlantic. I really thought dearest Anne-Marie would be here for always.
    Thank you ever so much for your acquaintanceship, W.Q. You were the lady with a big, BIG heart.
    ;And, of course, most profound condolences to RTG.

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  5. I am beyond saddened – Anne Marie taught me that it was MORE than ok to type/comment what I was feeling… even if it meant dropping MF bombs in all caps…

    She was very sweet to me over on JoeMyGod.

    I will miss her greatly…

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