Right Here, Right Now

WARNING; Rant ahead. You might want to skip the beginning of this one if you are overwhelmed or easily offended…but I’ve gotta get it out. My emotions have overcome me to the point I am angry. I need to shift my attitude but in order to shift I’ve first  gotta rant.

Disgust  is what I’ve felt since the news of the point blank shooting of 20 year old Duarte Wright by a police officer. Pulled over and shot point blank for simply driving while black. Another police murder during the trial of George Floyd’s murderer cop is underway with both crimes taking place in the same region of Minnesota.
I am no longer sorry to say that I feel that most of the police departments in this country are full of racist cowards. The whole system may possibly need to be dismantled in order to reorganize, purge and start over. Week after week more cowardly racist asshole police officers just fucking harass and often simply murder people of color.
I used to think the police were the good guys. After this past year I now know many of them are as crooked as that asshole who just left the white house. Many of them are crooked, racist, violent, cowardly liars.

So now that I’ve gotten a rant off my chest and graphically told you how I feel, I need to see how I can move on.

I can move on by focusing first on what I can do right here, right now.

What is important to me? What do I value?

I value love, respect, understanding, acceptance, diversity and kindness. How can I get more of these beautiful treasures? I can start by giving these things to the world right now and right where I am.

I can call a friend and say “I love you”. I can tell an associate at work that I value their knowledge and respect their input. I can take a moment to listen to and understand someone else who needs an ear. I can accept that the anxious person wanting to force their way into my lane of traffic may be stressed and possibly late to pick up their child by graciously letting them in front of me. I can seek to experience  a diverse and different point of view that might open my eyes to seeing things from another angle or culture. I can say a kind word to the overworked mother who’s checking out my groceries at the store while saying her name from her name tag and looking into her eyes.

I can say to you my reader thank you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for letting me rant. Thank you for understanding that I get overwhelmed. Thank you for letting me have an opinion. Thank you for allowing me to come to a better place by realizing that while I can’t change what happened in Minneapolis, I can change the world right here, right now simply by spreading the good things I value. By spreading good, one by one good things spread further. With each good deed the world gets better one moment, one person, one smile at a time.

I can also share beauty, art and music. This is an all time favorite that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Oh, and by the way…I love you, I love you for being right here, right now.

Stephanie Mills – I Never Knew Love Like This Before – 1980

16 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now

  1. Let it rip!!!!!!!! I have long said this country needs to have a huge life altering event and one hell of a huge enema. The pandemic and last summer was only the tip of the iceberg…. Most here STILL don’t get it! I says a lot when I have more love for the animal kingdom.

    If I could leave now…I’d be out.

  2. Bravo! I have been avoiding the news again, I missed this one. I will try to make a difference in the life of at least one person today.

  3. I totally agree with you. Totally.
    It’s been so overwhelming this week, that letting out steam is necessary. There need to be changes in a system that keeps oppressing people.


  4. Agreed … love, respect, understanding, acceptance, diversity and kindness. And I would add speaking up, speaking out, and voting.

  5. Thanks for putting into words what I have been feeling lately. Thanks for ranting and also for reminding us of how we can make a difference. I really appreciate your blog wisdom. I hope you are healing well and quickly.

  6. I do my best to avoid the news. It’s not just the news itself. I don’t like it when the anchors have to inject their beliefs and make it a debate. I think News 8 might be the only news outlet I’ll watch nowadays.

    I also do my best to avoid the cops. I stopped trusting them after I moved to East County many years ago. Thankfully, that will come to an end soon.

    FYI, my second vaccine shot is in two weeks. Once the quarantine period after that is over, we need to meet for coffee assuming that place is still open.

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