Political agitation

As I’ve stated, my goal on this here little blog thingy is mainly self growth. Since the start this has been a place for beards to contemplate and grow their souls. Please note this intention is for everyone, not just beards. We do our best to stay on the positive path and therefore while politics occasionally creep in, we try to avoid the stress politics can inject as much as possible. However there are occasions that simply cannot be overlooked with good conscience.

So when it comes to the state of U.S. politics the past few days, I’ll simply post this fabulous little gif just to release a little stress. With this little stress relief I may now move forward without having to say anything else at the moment. If it helps anyone else my efforts will be doubled!



4 thoughts on “Political agitation

  1. Those girls got that right. My biggest worry is the dump will walk away scot free and neither side will see to it he not punished or held accountable. Then I will be done with both sides of the aisle. What a terrible message it will send that this creature walk free after destroying the country, lying, bringing the racisism to the forefront, and walking all over and threatening democracy. Will no one hold him accountable??????? I want blood. I cant help it…Im a Scorpio.

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