From the Land Where Palm Trees Sway

This islander tune has been covered by many however, in our humbly bearded opinion, no one has ever come close to the original Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters classic. Yes that is the Andrews Sisters singing with Bing on this one.

We don’t have an in depth memory or attachment to the tune, but just like it’s easy going islander feel. Seeing that we are starting a weekend at the moment, we felt it a good way to keep the holiday feeling while relaxing into a weekend. May yours be an enjoyable one.

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters – Mele Kalikimaka – 1950

4 thoughts on “From the Land Where Palm Trees Sway

  1. New to me, this – and a pleasant upbeat number it is.
    Hearing Bing and the Andrews sing takes me back to those pre-TV days when my age was still in single figures, all the family plus a cat or two sitting jostling for a place next to the coal fire, the radio having been turned on and, we waiting for it to warm-up before it could cast its magic sound spells. Golden times – but harsher in many ways too.

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