He’s gonna get you Red Barron!

In the mid 1960s a young towheaded boy loved Snoopy so much that his father nicknamed him just that, Snoopy. Needless to say that when The Royal Guardsman released  Snoopy’s Christmas in 1967, a 45 rpm copy of it was at the top of his list to Santa. Santa brought him his wish and he played that little record over and over until he wore it out.

That little towhead grew up, as all little boys do, and his nickname fell by the wayside. The towhead turned dirty blonde and eventually mousy brown and his beard came in a thick dark brown. Today his beard has become rather Fearsome, although the color has become salt and pepper with more and more salt every day.

The little boy inside of this fifty something large bearded man still loves Snoopy and to this day can never get enough of this Christmas tune.

The Royal Guardsmen – Snoopy’s Christmas – 1967


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