From my youth

Due to the turbulence of the times I have been rather nostalgic of late. I guess you could call it yearning for a simpler, less stressful time.
Given what was going on in 1973 I’m not sure of it was actually a less stressful time. However being that I was a kid, I wasn’t carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Today, for some unknown reason, King Harvest’s Dancing in the Moonlight came to mind as my song of comfort. The tune is simple, melodic and fun.
May it bring you the moment of peace it has brought me.

King Harvest – Dancing in the Moonlight – 1973

5 thoughts on “From my youth

    • there you go anne. you just got my attention. the ultimate epitome of a singer, songwriter, musician. Mr Jim Croce, as always, sadly taken from us too damn young. my all time number one MAN. his music resonates through time and…. ‘ TIME IN A BOTTLE ‘ i could probably go on, but that’s enough for now. d

  1. anne, i would. but i can only follow if you had an email address like fearsomebeard. i do have a, i’m trying to get started though.

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