I Believe in the Power of Love

Yesterday while driving the better half and I were discussing our experiences  with discrimination as gay men, his experiences as a Latino and my experience as a white male. Being gay men we can empathize about discrimination to a point, but we agreed we can never fully understand what it is to be black.

What we can do is acknowledge that we don’t have the same plight, but we can stand for what is right. We can speak out against injustice. We can love, support and stand with our black brothers and sisters. We can believe in the power of Love.

Power of Love – Deee-Lite – 1990

Why Love? The answer us given to us by one if our greatest inspirations.

7 thoughts on “I Believe in the Power of Love

  1. My ALL TIME favorite Dee-Lite song!!!!!

    And your right, we have faced some discrimination as gays…but no where near the extent of our friends of color. It’s probably why we go hand in hand with them, and then us.

  2. Great post, stand together for what is right. I hope everyone that has shown up in the last week, stands up on November 3rd and brings a friend in each hand.

  3. (((hugs))) Even though I see it first hand, I can only imagine the amount of prejudice Blacks face every day.

  4. please let us each promise to move forward on NOV 3rd, by making sure we ALL DO bring people with us to vote. to help stomp out hatred. for IF we don’t. there is NOBODY to blame but ourselves. and the lbgqt+, giving support & love. to be safe.

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