Heidi, you a star Girl!

Since episode 1 of season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Fearsome and I have been on Team Heidi. Unfortunately last week it was Heidi’s turn to Shashay Away from the stage of season 12. However she will always Shontay You Stay in our eyes and in our heart.

Here are just a few of her highlights:

Heidi, if you happen to stumble upon our little blog thingy and find this post, we want you to know we are in your corner baby! Stay true to yourself, be yourself and let your star shine honey. You aren’t only blessed and highly favored, you are fabulous!

2 thoughts on “Heidi, you a star Girl!

  1. I said from the beginning either Gigi or sherry pie, if not disqualified would win this season. Seems the whole thing was the Gigi/Sherry/ Jadien Show.

    This was the first year I called them leaving the the order I thought they would.

  2. Heidi is one of my faves too and I was genuinely sorry to see her go. I think her new drag name should be Heidi Afrodite — because hey, when RUPAUL suggests the perfect name for you, GO WITH IT!

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