Happy Star Wars Day!

Life has dealt us a moment to reset.
Therefore why don’t we start from the beginning.
It’s summer 1977, I’m just hitting puberty and arrived at a crowded 800 seat cinema scope AMC rocking chair theatre to find it packed to capacity and the only two seats left together for my neighbor and I are center front row. Needless to say it was a life changing summer.

May the force be with you.

5 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I had just turned 19. I remember thinking when the film first came out “cowboys in space,” no thanks. But reluctantly a friend dragged me to it a week or so after it debuted and the lines were already wrapping around the Cine Capri in Phoenix. We waiting in the sun for what seemed like hours. Later that afternoon I left the theater HIGH. Like you, it was a life changing event. The double sunset scene sent me on a spiritual journey to find myself, because I knew in my heart of hearts I’d seen double sunsets like that myself, and the only way I could explain it was through reincarnation. It was as if a fire had been lit under me.

    I’m saddened that Star Wars seems to have lost its way. The prequels were abominable. The sequels–while not as bad–did not live up to the expectations of that first trilogy. Episode IX in particular was a disappointment. Instead of left clamoring for more, my thought was, “Thank god it’s finally over.”

    That said, I was extremely impressed by “The Mandalorian.” After the first couple episodes I thought, “THIS is what those last six movies should’ve been like.”

    It’s nice to know the heart and soul of Star Wars is still alive in if only a small corner of the Disney universe.

  2. Star Wars was our first movie “date” after the birth of our son six months before. We didn’t have a heads up on what we were going to see. Just saw a poster in the paper and thought it looked interesting. We were 21 at the time. Showed up and couldn’t figure out why there was such a line (same thing happened when we saw Tootsie). I remember that opening scene because of pre-Balder Half’s loud awestruck gasp. I only like the original trilogy. Probably because of the actors. You could get into those characters, not so much with the others.

  3. I was 25, had been in the Navy, been to Vietnam, and was in college. Sitting there in the packed theater in Lebanon, PA, I could not stop the tears from welling up in my eyes as I saw something truly amazing.

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