Thank You Pete

Fearsome and I wish to personally say Thank You to Pete Buttigieg for turning his life upside down during his history making and ground breaking run for President. Pete, you are a role model. We also wish to thank Chasten for his loving support of his husband’s candidacy. Chasten, you are a role model.

We thank you both for living your truth and working to better not only our country but to better the lives for all of it’s citizens.

We know that this isn’t goodbye, but the turning of a page into a new chapter of your life changing inspirational leadership toward a better future. With you two in our world we know it’s gonna be bright!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Pete

  1. this has made me sad; PA has not held its primary yet and I was looking forward to voting for pete. now I gotta figure out where I go next. we need more petes and chastens in this world though.

    • I’ve already voted for Pete on my mail in ballot for this Tuesday here in CA. There are Pete signs everywhere in my neighborhood and he was scheduled to be here in San Diego tonight. My vote nor my donations have been wasted as his leadership will continue to shine and influence our future.

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