6 thoughts on “Frightening holiday specials

  1. No filmic images come to mind but on the Xmas theme I could never get my infant head around the line in ‘Jingle Bells’ referring to a “one-horse open sleigh”. I’d always imagine a poor horse cut open with its entrails hanging out still having to pull a sleigh. Even now whenever the song comes around I can’t help the sorry image invading my mind.
    Another puzzling one to my child brain, though not grisly, is in ‘Rudolf”- “You’ll go down in his-turee” – I;d always wonder “Whose turee?” and what’s a “turee” anyway? 🙂

  2. Well, that one did it for me, also. Equally, the scene from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol with the Ghost of Christmas Future in the graveyard. That cartoon traumatized me!

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