Tesla CyberTruck

I just watched Elon Musk unveil the new Tesla CyberTruck.

I placed a deposit on one.

Tesla CyberTruck

0-60 in under 2.9 seconds, self driving, air suspension, 16 inch clearance, 14,000 LB towing capacity, seats six, 500 mile range, 6.5 ft bed, tri motor AWD…one sweet truck.

Estimated delivery 2022, so Fearsome has some houses to sell. We can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Tesla CyberTruck

  1. I don’t know how I can say this… I didn’t like the looks of it. Just be careful with the acceleration. With high performance comes high tire bills, and anything that goes 0-50 in less than 4 seconds is going to go through them quickly. It’s the biggest reason why I won’t look at a used Nissan GT-R unless I want to spend money. Each tire costs over $400!

    • It’s so right out of a 1980s SciFi movie that I gotta have it. It’s freaking huge, 19 feet long, as big as the big F-150s and freaking all electric, with a 500 mile range! Back in the 80s I would have killed to have had a DeLorean. Now I can get an even bigger and better one!
      Speaking of SciFi, I still have a goody bag that Sean & Jeffrey left here for you. We need to coffee.

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