I’ll fly away

Growing up in Appalachia , this tune is one I know from childhood.

I consider life a gift from a power, essence or spirit that I don’t understand. Part of that gift is that I don’t have to understand where the gift comes from. I get to experience the love and beauty without ever feeling in debt to do or return anything.

As I wasn’t here before my life, I will not be here after it. I will physically be gone from here and now, but not necessarily gone from what we understand to be a universe.  I don’t need to know anything more than that.

When I die I wish to be cremated. I wish for my ashes to be discretely dropped on a specific hillside above the sea on a nearby Southern California Island known as Catalina. No one is to know, but the couple of close loved ones who accidentally drop my ashes there, exactly where this spot is. As my ashes are dropped, they will start to fly out over the land and the sea. Those that find the land their home will continue to both blow into the wind as well as meld into the earth eventually eroding their way into air and the nearby sea as well.

Therefore my body and my spirit shall fly away, wash away and float away. I’ll still be here and there. I’ll be wherever I’m supposed to be.

Rising Appalachia – I’ll Fly Away – traditional live – 2012

Simple and beautiful, enjoy.

Note: If those whom I love and love me wish to gather for any type of memorial after I am gone, they are free to do so in any fashion just as long as it’s fun, celebratory, simple and this traditional Appalachian folk tune is played.


8 thoughts on “I’ll fly away

  1. While I am a proud and avowed atheist, and do not think of myself as a spiritual man in any traditional sense, I love this song, and this version in particular. One of my favorite versions is from the soundtrack from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” performed by Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch. We, too, wish to be cremated, our ashes dispersed to the wind or sprinkled about the land somewhere meaningful. Also, if our loved ones choose to have any kind of official acknowledgement of my passing, I hope its an informal gathering of chosen family, where stories of us, good, bad, and embarrassing are shared, food is enjoyed, music is blaring, and a beverage of choice is raised to my memory and life. I am not revered in life, and don’t wish to be in death. I’m a fallible, imperfect human, with many flaws, who tried to make good choices and be a good person as often as possible, even though I didn’t always succeed. That’s how I want to be remembered. Oh, and also for making a kick ass Cosmo. 🙂

  2. I’m going to be cremated, but sadly I’ll be in the ground with the rest of my family. Maybe a part of me could be scattered off the coast? I used to love driving down PCH in my muscle car back in the day and I miss that.

    • I’m human, I’m of the earth, I just don’t want to be buried in it. Claustrophobic I guess. We need to get together for coffee again. I’ve got some Comicon goodies two handsome New Yorkers left behind for you.

  3. Jay wants his cremains to be spilled in the forum in Rome. I have never settled on a location, other than not in the family plot, two miles from the nearest paved road in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. My parents left each of the kids a cemetery plot, we can’t give them away. Take care.

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