4 thoughts on “Testosterone by Rogers and Hammerstein

  1. As someone who spent some time in the Navy, in the South Pacific, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing gayer than shirtless sailors singing about a dame.

  2. MAH-vellous!
    Of course it’s easy, some 60 years later to pick holes in this depiction of U.S. forces life in time of WWII – most glaringly, of course, in having only one non-white among this otherwise exclusively large white group – surely an ‘under-acknowledgement’ of MOST of Pacific-based American forces having actually been non-white. (I think I recall reading somewhere that it was something like two thirds?) But for a 14-year old in 1960 watching this at the cinema on its release that was beyond my awareness, while being truly knocked out by the whole film. And, oh the colours which entranced me and just about everyone else at the time, when only later could we see what a hideous mistake it had been to visually ‘underline’ with distracting filters so many incredibly beautiful songs when that was the last thing they needed..
    Btw: Did you know that in this particular scene the singing voice of ;Stew Pot’ was actually delivered on soundtrack by another, a true ‘basso profundo’? – and in this film the only solo singer whose voice was actually used was that of Mitzi Gaynor herself, all the other solo songs being dubbed from others’ voices.
    And one last thing – for years I used to cringe at the line in this song “There ain’t a thing that’s wrong(?) with any man here, that can’t be cured by putting him near – a GIRLY, WOMANLY, FEMALE, FEMININE DAME!” It’s long since I stopped cringing and Accepted that this again is just another product of its time. And as I said at the start – MAH-vellous!

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