The Choice

I am exhausted.

I pause to take a good look into the mirror and examine why.

Why have a stopped reading my blogs? I read only the news these days.

Why am I usually feeling angst, anger, frustration and fear? I read only the news these days.

Why am I tired and distracted? I read only the news these days.

Why have I started feeling defeated and depressed? I read only the news these days.

Why do I only read the news these days? Because I’ve allowed the fear and alarm that is being spewed every single moment to enter into my psyche and alter my thoughts, dreams and values.

I have a choice. I can choose to continue down the slope I’m on and into a bad spiral, or I can choose to make another choice.

This morning for the first morning in recent memory, I chose to start my day by starting a book I’ve been wanting to read. I got my coffee, spinach smoothie and plain oatmeal and read as I consumed my daily breakfast.  By no coincidence the book I started today is appropriately named The Choice  by Dr. Edith Eva Egar.

My day started better. I read, I thought and I felt better. I blog to share, but I also blog to reinforce. Reinforce, inside of me, the better choice I just made.

I am better equipped to help myself, my family, my friends, my community, my country and my world if I put my oxygen mask on first. My oxygen is positivity and the good that still really does surround me. Through that I can find light.

5 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. It seems the vast majority of people are suffering Traumatic Stress Syndrome these days because of the actions of the illicit Orange Russian Wig Stand occupying the Oval Office. (Notice, I did not say POST Traumatic Stress, because we’re nowhere near that point yet.) I applaud the self-care you’re doing. I started in my own way by deleting the Twitter account I’d had since 2008. In itself that was kind of traumatic, but I realized some time ago the platform had become an open sewer for hate and disinformation, not the fun diversion it once was.

  2. I do not watch tv. I do not have memberships on FB, insta, twit, or snap.

    I read my local paper in the morning and I read I get everything I need from those 2 sources.

    I knit and lift weights, which help to relieve stress. I also read real books. and I have a nip o’ gin when things get screamy. 😉

  3. We can control what we take in, we can focus on what is good and positive in the world. A lot of depression and anxiety going around these days. Take care of yourself.

  4. I’m with you on that. I’ve become quite withdrawn the last year, and it’s only now where I can feel bits and pieces of me feeling normal again. Or whatever it was I was doing before The Orange Satan took office.

    It also doesn’t help that certain people in society think it’s hunting season on minorities and the LGBTQ community.

  5. I think I can speak on behalf of the blogger community we miss you reading our blogs for nothing makes our day when you do.
    I am telling my patients to limit their on-line news watching not unlike sugar or alcohol or fast food etc.

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