Lifting us all up

This is a wonderful video of someone sharing their own story about the experience of being there at the Stonewall uprising.

Fearsome highly recommends everyone clicking play.

Jay, Thank You for sharing your story and for walking the path leading us all to better and lifting us as a community. You are an inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Lifting us all up

  1. It’s amazing hearing stories from back in the day. When I was at the raven here, I have met on several occasions much older men who have regaled their stories respectively back in the day being at the Stonewall and the riots , and another guy with stories at Studio 54. Its fascinating to me to talk to them and hear first hand experiences. Blows the mind how many young guys don’t want to talk to them and hear their stories. They seem bothered. Just talking to and listening to these guys can make their whole day and take loneliness away for a while in some cases. Every time I go and if their there I pop around. They may sometime gets touchy, but hey, they still feel there oats…so Ill let them cup a few feels and steer the conversation back, lol!!!!!

  2. Great video of a true pioneer who had an unimaginably tough life. Wonderful to hear her story and point of view. Thanks for posting!

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