Lighthouses serve both as a warning for hidden hazards laying just beneath a surface and as an indicator that a safe harbor awaits beyond.

Throughout life I have noticed beacons which helped me avoid the unseen, yet often due to various circumstances I overlooked a warning and found myself stranded on the rocks.

I am human, I am fallible.

However in each unfortunate circumstance when I have missed the warnings, or ignored them, I have found a safe harbor nearby.

In that safe harbor I can pause, reflect, heal, learn and grow.

Often it’s nothing specific that causes me to loose sight of the beacon ahead.

Life is. Life is busy. Life is distracting. Life is confusing. Life is exhilarating. Life is overwhelming. Life is fun. Life is troubling. Life is good. Life is hard. Life is sad. Life is hilarious. Life is love. Life is experience. Life is rewarding. Life is disappointing. Life is experiences. Life is unexpected. Life is unexplainable. Life is laughter. Life is imperfect. Life is. Life is. Life is.

My dear 17 year old Mitzi, our 5 pound chihuahua/poodle mix, is facing her next horizon. A horizon in which I can no longer watch her nor protect her. Each day with her has been a blessing from a power of love beyond any power that I can create. Each moment left is a treasure that I am grateful for. When her moment of transition arrives, I pray that I can set her free feeling the love that she, and her creator, blessed me with for all these years and continue to feel her love that will be with me always.

There are many hazards in the waters surrounding me at this time I my life. Some I am aware of, others I am/was blind to. I commit to learning to first forgive myself for my shortcomings and to open my eyes to the blessings, the beacons, the love, the gift of my life.

I commit to heal, to learn, to grow and to accept my imperfections.

12 thoughts on “Beacons

  1. I have missed your insights and daily beardy pics, but you are human and have human emotions, needs, fears, and all that life may throw your way. I grieve for your loss of your baby girl, I, too, am looking at the same ultimate loss in the near future. Stay strong and believe in yourself and know that there are people out here that you may never meet, such as myself, but through your blog we have learned to care and wish you only the best that you may receive from life. Take care. Ron

  2. Missed you. As you are a Beacon For me
    Our dog companions are amazing. They teach us so much, how to live and how and to die. But the in-between is the joy and love we share with them. These precious creatures are a gift we get to keep for a short time and then our creator eventually takes them back. It’s painful, but in making the right decision at the right time means a lot. It doesn’t make it any easier on us but makes it easier on them. Tim and I lost 2 companions within 7 months of each other so I know your pain. As a guy that loves dogs,
    when it’s time, hold her paw and let her know you are with her. and let her go. Our companions are always better off when we are with them.
    Sending you much heartfelt love as go through this difficult time. Much Love, Ed

  3. I have to agree with Ed….You are my beacon. Your blog is the first one I open each day. I have learned so much from you and your posts. Thank you for your hard work. I am sorry that you are not in a safe harbor now, and I hope that you will find safety soon. I cannot thank you enough for all the pups you have rescued and given a home. You are a saint, in my mind. Mitzi, and all the other dogs, have had a “second chance” and a loving home, thanks to you. Sending love and healing thoughts, glen

  4. You and the lovely, dearest, little Mitzi are uppermost in my thoughts and that of many others, I’m sure, F.B. Hope you can soon be sailing onto calmer, obstacle-free waters. May our very best wishes keep you and ALL your little ones buoyed up.

  5. It is good to hear from you. Trying times test us, you are strong, you are good, you are loved. The love and caring you give, comes back to you.

  6. So sorry to hear of Mitzi’s pending transition. It is always hard, regardless of how much we try to prepare ourselves. But I am confident that you will send her on her way with grace and gratitude for what she’s given you all these years. Please know that others care about you as you navigate the trouble waters ahead.

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