So when there’s too much weight on a foundation, it will apparently crumble.

It’s a hard life lesson, as sometimes it is our very own foundation that fails.

Superhuman, I am not.

Simply put it has not been a good week. The implosion of Notre Dame’s spire and my decision for Fearsome Beard (the blog) to go dark for the week both turned out to be prophetic.

I’ll spare the details as I haven’t the energy or ability to sort it out here. At least not right now. It’s better I sort it out with a professional and just let my readers know that the beards will return. However it’s going to be a few days further into my recovery before I’m mentally and physically back together enough to make any genuine efforts.

In the mean time this Metallica tune seems apropos.

Metallica – Welcome Home ( Sanitarium )

A tune that, in my humble opinion, is the most underrated Metallica masterpiece to date.

14 thoughts on “Superhuman

  1. Stay strong and seek peace in life. I miss your beard and your insight, but you are the most important thing that needs to be taken of. You will be in our thoughts.

  2. HOLDING YOU UP! Sending positive thoughts and energy your way for what you are facing.
    Big (Beard Hugs) to you and Fearsome. Ed

  3. 😦 Very concerning, F.B. Hope you can get back quickly into functioning condition and with your present hardships left far behind you. We’ll miss you daily and be thinking of you in wholesome fashion until you feel you can return. Very best wishes my friend. Looking forward to your re-appearance.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. Please take proper care of yourself and know that you are not weak. It takes more strength and courage to ask for and accept help. Your online friends will be here when you return.

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