Blogger issues

Hello all!

I use WordPress.

Blogger eludes me.

I have a blogger account and used to be able to comment on Blogger Blogs. Along my blogging way I’ve been able to comment at times as myself on blogger and then sometimes not. Issues were occasional.

Now it seems I’m completely locked out of blogger. I can read the blogs but cannot comment. At least not as me. If you have blogger and allow anonymous comments I will identify myself in my anonymous comment. If you don’t allow anonymous comments please know I still read but am no longer allowed to comment on your blog at all.

Hopefully I’ll find resolve in the future, but for now it is what it is.



8 thoughts on “Blogger issues

  1. sometimes on wordpress I see a message at the bottom that says “you must accept cookies; click this button”. so I do and I can leave comments. do you and sassybear ever see anything like that on blogger? you two can leave anonymous comments, just identify. I got your comment today, fearsome!

    • No I don’t see the cookie thing on blogger. I know WordPress does that. Today was the first I discovered the anonymous click and that worked for you. So I’ll continue with that and sign it until we figure it out.

    • I have a blogger account also called FearsomeBeard but found WordPress so much easier to use so I just hold the Gearsomebeard on blogger. For a long time I stayed signed in and could comment. I made the mistake of logging out once then got locked out. Today I finally got logged into my blog over there but not for comments…although I just got through on Blobby’s Blog for the first time in a while. I’ll try you again in the morning and see if I can get in over there.

  2. I swear the tech companies make changes intentionally to look out users of rival platforms. I finally blocked anonymous comments after a nasty troll invasion

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