Challenge day 20

Todays read pages 231-237, section 14 of Chapter On Writing

Writing classes? One doesn’t really have to have them (nor does one need this or any other writing book). They may not hurt, but aren’t necessary. Classes mainly give a writer a chance to be around others who share their passion.

The perfect writing environment? Doesn’t exist. Do the best you can by creating your own writing space that has a door that closes. Use it.

Writers learn best by reading a lot and writing a lot. The most valuable lessons are the ones that you teach yourself. Those lessons always occur with the door closed on the writing space.

Stephen’s “pearl” today was this quote: “It is, after all, the dab of grit that seeps into an oyster’s shell makes the pearl, not pearl making seminars with other oysters.” (page 232, Stephen King, On Writing)


5 thoughts on “Challenge day 20

  1. I love that advice, and there’s truth to that. I can even see it in the letters and reports I now have to write for the work project I’m on. Practice makes (hopefully) perfect.

  2. Quietly sit and listen to people having conversations. Anyone can tell a story. What people say is what makes it personal.
    Writing classes teach you to copy a style, rather than find one of your own.

  3. Good for you! Robertson Davies, one of my favorite writers, said he spent as much time reading as he did writing for the same reasons you mention.

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