10 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Lovely ‘sightseeing’ tour, F.B Thanks very much – and I don’t think you’d be disagreeing with it being endowed with the title of ‘America’s Finest City’.
    I knew vaguely where you are on the world map but now I know exactly. I’d have guessed the city’s population at being around one million but I see it’s much bigger than that – in fact half as big again as San Fran. Looks a most attractive place, and if I win – sorry, WHEN I win – the National Lottery, I’ll be dropping by (and saying ‘hello’ to all the doggies).

  2. I haven’t lived in San Diego for twenty-five years now, and I still miss it so much! I was a kid when the Coronado Bridge was built and was disappointed when it replaced the ferries. I used to run the merry-go-round at Belmont Park when it was just an amusement park. Thank you so much for this 🙂

    • Wow, didn’t know you used to live here. We overlapped by 2 years as I’ve been here 27. I’m glad you liked the video. I stumbled upon it by accident and almost didn’t watch it as the “travel” San Diego videos are usually someone talking like they think they know what they are talking about. San Diego doesn’t need words.

      • Yep, born and raised there. So were my mother and sons. You’re right, San Diego doesn’t need words. Of course, I might be slightly biased.

  3. I rented a townhouse in Imperial Beach oh.. 40 some years ago, had friends living in Chula Vista, and every now and then would hang out at a bar called “That Place Across for the Sports Arena.”

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