Challenge day 13

Today’s read pages 155-173, sections 4&5 of Chapter ‘On Witing’

First I must document that I was short and snapped at The Better Half earlier for a stupid reason and I owe him an apology.

Secondly this read ends with an assignment. I will not be doing this assignment tonight as it is a five to six page write. I will however schedule it into a future day and then let you know how it went.

The nuggets of gold I picked up from this evening’s read are as follows:

Have a door that your are willing to shut on your works space. That closed door tells others as well as yourself that you mean business. Stay focused.

Set a daily writing goal. Start with a realistic one, say with 1000 words a day. Set a time schedule for that writing and stick to it. Take no more than one day a week off. The muse will find you only if he knows when and where you will be because of your habits.

When you are writing you are creating your own worlds. Tell the truth. Write what you like. Use what you know to enrich the story, not to lecture. What I know makes me unique. Be brave, tell them what you know.

Stephen believes stories and novels are composed of three parts. Narration which moves story from point A to point B; description which creates sensory reality for the reader; and dialogue which brings characters to life.

Plot is nowhere. Our lives are plotless. Plot and spontaneity are incompatible.

Start with a situation then characters and uncover the hidden story from there. The novels creator is it’s first reader. If the writer isn’t able to guess with any accuracy of how it’s going to turn out, then that writer can be pretty sure of keeping the reader in a page turning anxiety. Use the “What if?” question to uncover or discover interesting situations to write about.

5 thoughts on “Challenge day 13

  1. This is quite sensible of you to have a daily writing goal
    I am beginning to see the efficacy of check lists have I written anything today, have I flossed, have I walked the dog – that sort of thing.
    PS I can not imagine you being cross with anyone.

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