You are beautiful

So am I.

Make Your Own Kind of Music featuring Mama Cass

I know I’ve featured it before. However this song, and especially this mix, is always worth a reblog. I ran into it today and it just makes me feel good.

Go ahead, hit play and tap a toe or two…

I first heard this mix on a dance floor at a mid 1990’s circuit party in Los Angeles. I’ve since taken a twirl on many a dance floor to this favorite mix from San Francisco to the outside pool deck dance floor under the stars on an all gay cruise in the Caribbean and anywhere I heard it in between.

7 thoughts on “You are beautiful

  1. I’ve not heard this mix version of Mama C. before – though knowing the original v. well, of course. She always had a bigger-than-life voice, and is still valued in memory by many, including self, after all these years following her much too premature demise.

    As for W.Q.’s offering, I didn’t know of this Mister Rogers chappie, and looking up his resume it’s not really surprising that his fame didn’t travel outside America (I assume). Very fine philosophy summed up in his little song, though.

  2. Mama Cass was always my favorite . I prefer the original version of this song, but that’s just me. The message is the same, whether dancing or not. She comes from a time when singers’ voices were distinct from one another and recognizable. You don’t get a lot of that these days. Boy do I sound old!

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